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There has been a MURDER!!! Mark and Oleg the directors of the infamous Snag The Tag company sent out exclusive invitations to a select few in Jewel Town. They held a dinner party in the STT mansion to decide who of the guests would become the new partner to this exclusive company. But at dessert the lights went out and when they came back on Oleg was slumped in his chair head down on the table dead. All guests are suspects but two names were mentioned by staff to be acting very strangely so they are the prime suspects, everyone has fled the mansion, but they have left clues to where they may be hiding.

The Game is simple:

(1) Follow the clues to the place on the map where a green Major Gold ( ) or Mrs Garnet ( ) icon appears.

(2) If you get there first you will find a the suspect tag waiting for you.

(3) Take the tag and claim it online as soon as possible (Add your story so everyone can enjoy your adventure)

(4) You will then receive instructions for how to get the trackable STT Mansion Magnifying Glass geocoin that combines with your tag!

New tags appear at random times so be sure to set an alert. As a finder you can find one of each suspect. Get them both to make sure you catch the murderer.

Redemption Rules: Strictly one coin of each type per household (NOT per account or family member); One Major Gold tag, On Mrs Garnet that is it! There is no cost for the geocoin but you are responsible for any shipping charges.

Hider Deadline:30th June 2023

Redemption ends:31 August 2023